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All You Need To Know About Zoom Teeth Whitening

All You Need To Know About Zoom Teeth Whitening

All You Need To Know About Zoom Teeth Whitening

Stained and discolored teeth can make a sharing a friendly smile uncomfortable for many people. In fact, it is one of the top reasons why people try to hide their teeth.

Thankfully Briglia Dental Group offers ZOOM! Teeth Whitening to patients looking for professional, safe and long lasting results.

The procedure for Zoom Teeth Whitening is a simple and painless two-step process that includes the application of a special gel, followed by a laser light treatment. All together the procedure takes about 90 minutes to complete and is done in office by a member of the Briglia Dental Group team who is qualified to use the specialty Zoom equipment.

After the procedure you can expect immediate and noticeable results of up to 5-6 shades whiter, results that cannot be achieved through at-home products in such a short amount of time. After your Zoom Teeth Whitening treatment, your teeth will naturally darken a bit from consuming coffee, dark beverages and foods that stain teeth.  You do not have to worry because we will provide you with take home trays to continue to brighten and whiten your smile at home for no extra charge.

Once you have completed a Zoom or Home Whitening procedure in our office, you’ll also want to consider becoming a member of our “Whitening For Life Program”. This where if you remain on a 6-month re-care schedule to maintain your oral health and brightness of your smile, you’ll also receive a free tube of whitening gel!


Zoom B-A Photo Samples_0307      Zoom B-A Photo Samples_0317

Before                                                                                        After


Below are a few common FAQ’s of patients who are considering Zoom whitening to brighten their smiles:

1.  Is Zoom Teeth Whitening safe?

Yes! Research shows that Zoom teeth whitening is one of the safest methods available for teeth whitening under dental supervision. In fact many dentists believe it is the safest procedure available.

2. How long will the whitening last?

On average results show that your teeth will always remain whiter than they were prior to treatment. For best results maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine by brushing and flossing daily, and seeing your dentist for routine dental check ups regularly.

3. Is Zoom Teeth Whitening safe for me?

A dental professional can best answer this question at an initial consultation because of underlying health issues including, pregnancy or breastfeeding, sensitivity to light and medications for serious illness or past antibiotic use as children.

Check out the Top 10 Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening.


If you have any additional questions on Zoom Teeth Whitening or would like to schedule a  free cosmetic consultation to review your options, please contact Briglia Dental Group at 610-692-4440.

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