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Your Dentures Deserve Special Attention

Your Dentures Deserve Special Attention

Caring for your dentures involves a bit more thought than simply removing them at night and letting them soak in a glass while you sleep. If you have dentures, your dentist has no doubt discussed with you about their proper care and handling. In a very real sense, your dentures are your real teeth, and they deserve your attention so that they will continue to serve you well.

Partial or complete dentures that are custom-fitted can solve a variety of oral problems. Single teeth, and even multiple lost or damaged teeth may be replaced with a variety of substitutes, including implants and partial bridges that are anchored into the mouth. If your “partials” are connected to remaining natural teeth, there are specific ways to brush and clean them, including periodic professional cleaning and polishing. However, if your dentures are completely removable, you should follow a specific care routine to assure that they continue to fit comfortably and give you unfailing service, as well as complementing your appearance the way they were meant to.

Your investment in those dentures, in terms of dollars and cents, and our skill and expertise to assure they fit well and serve you properly make them valuable assets.

Basic Care Procedures

The first rule of denture care is: Handle them carefully. Partial and full dentures are custom-tailored for individual mouths and gums and, even if there are no clasps or connectors that might be easily bent, you should handle those “teeth” with kid gloves, so to speak. A good rule is to clean your dentures or partial dentures at night over a sink filled with water. In case you accidentally drop your denture of partial, the water will cushion the fall and reduce the chance of breaking your appliances.

The Mayo Clinic advises removing and rinsing dentures after each meal. This simple procedure can help prevent food and foreign particles from lodging under the dentures and along your gums. Gently run water over the denture, and always take care not to drop your denture or bend your partial denture clasps.

Once you remove them and rinse them, gently brush your mouth, gums, tongue and palate with a soft toothbrush or use a piece of gauze to clean and massage your gums.

Then, rinse your denture once more and replace it in your mouth.

Evening and Overnight Care

Dentures need to be removed at night for both hygienic and comfort reasons. Soaking them overnight is usually recommended because the material that forms the dentures should be kept moist. Our staff will advise you about specific procedures, and handling might vary depending upon the type of material and individual requirements. Always handle your partial or full upper and lower dentures gently, and acknowledge the need to give them the same attention that you would give to any natural teeth still in your mouth.

Gently brush and clean all parts of the denture. If you use any kind of adhesive, be sure to completely remove any denture adhesive from the denture or partial before putting it in your denture cup filled with water and a cleaning tablet. In addition, it is very important to remove any excess denture adhesive that sticks to the denture or to the roof of your mouth.

Clean and rinse your dentures only with cool or tepid water; never soak them in hot water or boil them. Also, avoid chlorine, bleach, whitening paste or overly abrasive materials, including harsh toothpaste and firm-bristled toothbrushes which could create micro scratches in your denture that can cause staining and trap bacteria. Always use a soft-bristle toothbrush and plain water to clean off your denture.

Schedule Regular Checkups

Because we are dedicated to the health of your teeth and gums. We will be happy to help you determine the need for dentures and the best way to care for them should a partial or full set of “replacement” teeth be necessary. As always, we encourage you to schedule routine yearly appointments, as it is important to check the fit of your dentures and complete an oral cancer exam.

Depending on your age, the condition of your existing teeth and gums, and your particular needs, we will help you find your best solution. Dentures may require a bit of “getting used to” which takes a little time and effort. Dentures can also resolve unusual “bite” difficulties, restore normal chewing ability, help with mouth and facial aesthetics, and improve your self-image. They can also give you a sparkling new smile if yours has faded.

It is very important to take your dentures out at night to give your upper palate and lower jaw tissues a rest. Wearing your dentures all the time can lead to bad breath, and cause bacteria to build up under the denture, which inflames the roof of your mouth.

Making full dentures do require time and professional expertise. Sometimes replacing a very old set of dentures is the best plan of action. Experience and careful planning is the best way to ensure your oral health and continuing well-being, we are fully equipped to help you do just that.

Why not contact us to schedule a consultation, and let’s explore your options together. Dentures of all kinds have been improved significantly in just the past several years. Whatever your needs, we will restore your mouth to an attractive and healthy condition. Today, the “State of The Art” in full dentures includes dental implants to secure loose dentures. Call us at 610-692-4440 for more information!

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