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Your Dentures Deserve Special Attention

Your Dentures Deserve Special Attention

Your Dentures Deserve Special Attention

Dentures don’t just restore your smile, they are important to repairing the form and function of your mouth. Caring for your dentures involves more than simply removing them at night and letting them soak in a glass while you sleep. In a very real sense, your dentures are your teeth, and they deserve your attention so that they will continue to serve you well.

You should follow a specific hygiene routine to assure that your dentures continue to function well and fit comfortably. Here’s how to take care of your investment:

Basic Denture Care

Always handle your dentures gently. Acknowledge the need to give them the same attention that you would give any natural teeth. Partial and full dentures are custom-tailored for individual mouths and gums. Even if there are no clasps or connectors that might be easily bent, you should handle them with care.

  1. Never use hot or boiling water to clean dentures.
  2. Rinse dentures after each meal. This simple procedure can help prevent food and buildup from collecting under the dentures and along your gums. Handle it gently and let the water run over all sides of it.
  3. Clean your dentures at the end of the day over a sink filled with water. If you accidentally drop it, the water will help reduce the risk of damage.
  4. Gently clean the dentures thoroughly using a soft-bristle toothbrush and plain water to clean off your denture. Avoid using bleaching products, whitening toothpaste and overly abrasive materials, including firm-bristled toothbrushes which could create micro scratches in your denture that can cause staining and trap bacteria.
  5. If you use any kind of adhesive, be sure to completely remove it from the denture or partial before soaking.
  6. Then, put the dentures in a cup filled with cold water and a cleansing tablet. Follow the cleanser instructions as to the length of time that you allow it to sit. Some denture cleaners work in a few minutes, while other formulas are meant to work overnight.
  7. Finally, gently brush your mouth, gums, tongue and palate with a soft toothbrush or use a piece of gauze to clean and massage your gums. Be sure to remove any excess denture adhesive sticking inside your mouth.

Overnight Denture Care

Dentures need to be removed at night for both hygiene and comfort. This provides time for your upper palate and lower jaw tissues to rest. Wearing your dentures all the time can lead to bad breath and cause bacteria to build up, which irritates oral tissues.

Soaking dentures overnight is recommended because they are made of materials that should be kept moist. Use cold or tepid water; never boil or soak them in hot water which can cause damage or deformation.

Schedule Dental and Periodontal Appointments

Most importantly, stay up to date with your dentist and other doctors. Caring for partials and fully removable dentures should include regular dental hygiene and periodontal appointments. We encourage you to schedule routine yearly appointments, as it is important to check the fit of your dentures and complete an oral cancer exam.

Replacing Dentures

Making full dentures do require time and professional expertise. With time, they may wear down or you may experience problems with the fit as your mouth changes. Regular visits to the dentist will help determine if it’s time to replace an older set of dentures. Maintaining dentures that work and fit well are key to ensuring your oral health in the long term.

Get more tips on Dental Hygiene for Seniors.

Dental Care for All Ages – Briglia Dental Group

Our staff will advise you about any cleaning and care procedures that might be specific to the type of material used to make your dentures.

In recent years, dentures of all kinds have improved significantly in terms of comfort, fit, function and overall look. They can successfully resolve unusual bite difficulties and restore normal chewing ability. They can also give you a sparkling new smile if yours has faded with time and improve your self-image. Depending on the condition of your natural teeth and gums, Dr. Ron and his staff will help you find the best solution.

Contact Briglia Dental Group to schedule a consultation, and let’s explore your options together. Call us at (610) 692-4440 for more information.

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