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The State of Corporate Dental Practices

The State of Corporate Dental Practices

The State of Corporate Dental Practices

The trend of dental practices going corporate has taken an unexpected turn. In recent years, it has become increasingly common for customers to find dental clinics in big-box stores such as Wal-Mart. Much like the vision centers that are now a mainstay in many stores across the country, this newest twist in delivering medical care and procedures within a high-volume corporate environment is not good for anyone — not for our patients or the dental industry itself.

Good for the Corporation — Not for You

Corporations highlight the convenience that their high-volume services provide to their customers. While their basic premise may hold appeal — theoretically you could drop in for your bi-annual teeth cleaning before going shopping for those items that your household needs and heading home. The reality of such a daydream, however, is that you are not likely to be able to actually take advantage of that drop-in convenience and obtain the services you desire. Unless you make an appointment ahead of time, your wait for services will probably outweigh any advantages that you thought you would enjoy. While you could always go and pick up your groceries while you are waiting for an appointment to open up, doing so could leave your milk slowly warming in your cart or result in you simply watching the hours slowly tick by.

Focus on Profits — Not Customer Service

Production lines allowed manufacturers to streamline the making and development of their goods. A rubber-stamp approach to store design allowed big-box stores to deliver a continuity to their customers that also enabled businesses to present a seemingly-endless array of nondescript products. This business model is the one adopted by dental mills. In order to provide the capital to open offices across the country while also being profitable, corporate dental chains need to reduce the personalization that is given to each patient. Customer service is scaled back to a bare-bones approach that feels sterile, rushed and far from welcoming as the dental staff push patients through to meet their quotas.

High Volume Means Short Cuts

Performance pressure is a high-stakes game for those who work in dental mills. A focus on the corporation’s bottom line in the cut-throat world of business means that short cuts are sought. Though these short cuts are meant to increase the profit margin that a business enjoys — without their presence being discerned by their patients — all too often rude and rushed office staff hurry patients from one procedure to the next without adding that crucial personal touch. Briglia Dental Group, on the other hand, has been offering the residents of West Chester high-quality dental services for nearly 30 years. Our focus is on you — our patient –and what is best for each individual who comes to us for care. You will not find us using a cookie-cutter approach when it comes to any of our patients.

Dental Staff are Limited

An investigative report by the Academy of General Dentistry revealed that many dental technicians feel that the services they can perform on patients are limited by management, even though those in management positions are not clinicians. Additionally, the report stated that dental staff felt pressured into upselling unnecessary treatment plans to their patients. This reduced their job satisfaction, and many remained employed within the corporate environment for only a short amount of time. At independent dental offices, such as Briglia Dental Group, we focus on creating a treatment plan that is unique to you and your needs. You will not find us pushing a blanket plan with options that don’t pertain to you in order to meet some mysterious profit quota.

Personalized Service is Eliminated

At Briglia Dental Group, we are accountable to our patients. We work tirelessly to not only make your teeth as healthy and strong as possible and to give you a stunning smile that you are proud of, but also to be good neighbors and to deliver the best care possible. Because we are locally owned and operated in West Chester, PA, we answer to our community when it comes to satisfaction and customer service. A corporate dental clinic answers to its board of investors who are most interested in seeing profits rise. In contrast, we seek to build relationships, friendships and trust.

For almost 30 years, we have been a landmark on the West Chester dental care landscape. There is a good reason why we are still going strong after all that time, and that is because our focus lies squarely where it belongs — on you!

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