Poor Nutrition Affects Oral Health in More Ways Than One

Poor Nutrition Affects Oral Health in More Ways Than One

Sometimes, diets that are healthy for your body are in turn bad for your teeth. For example, citrus fruits or dried fruits are certainly good choices for your physical health, but they aren’t great for your teeth in the long run. Some of the healthiest foods can be detrimental to your long-term dental health or even cause dental emergencies. To help you keep track of what foods are bad for your teeth, take a look at our latest infographic that has a few tips!

Top Worst Foods for Your Teeth


Healthy Alternatives for Your Teeth

What if we told you swapping that morning donut for an apple could benefit the health of your teeth? Well, it’s true! …but not for the most obvious reason. Although sugars in the donut do in fact promote tooth decay, that same pastry opens the door for something long-term and even more terrifying.

We aren’t talking about the I’m-feeling-spontaneous-hairdresser-do-what-you-want haircut (yes, those bangs will eventually grow out), but rather, poor nutrition. If there is a lack of essential nutrients present, the entire immune system becomes compromised, which allows oral diseases to develop into more severe issues and progress faster.

But how can I choose meals which promote better oral health? We’re glad you asked! A well-balanced diet is characterized by two main features: variety and moderation. Stick with the five major foods groups and forget fad diets, as they result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies.


calcium-rich-dietFoods high in calcium (cheese, leafy greens, almonds) and high in protein (meat, poultry, fish) provide your body with minerals, which help to protect and rebuild tooth enamel. And don’t forget about fruits and veggies, they work hard to protect teeth from decay by neutralizing acids and reducing food particles on your teeth.

But balance is key, even the healthiest foods can become problematic when consumed excessively. Studies have shown that dental disease correlates to overeating as much as obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Avoid soft and sweet foods that stick to your teeth such as cake, dried fruits and candy. Instead, reach for nuts, yogurt or sugarless candy for a snack. If that cookie is just too tempting to turn down, it is better to eat it with your meal rather than by itself, since the acids normally formed by the sugars will be neutralized by the combination of different foods.


WaterFor the best choice of drink, water wins hands down. Not only does it naturally detox your body, but unfiltered versions contain fluoride, which makes it the most tooth-friendly beverage out there!

Maintaining a well-balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals not only improves your overall health, but it is essential in preventing oral diseases. If you are not sure about how your diet may be affecting your oral health, consult your dental health professional for help.

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