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Air Abrasion: Brave New World of Painless Tooth Decay Removal

Air Abrasion: Brave New World of Painless Tooth Decay Removal

Air Abrasion: Brave New World of Painless Tooth Decay Removal

You may know that sandblasting is a time-testing method for restoring the “life” and luster to historic buildings. But, sandblasting for teeth? No way, you say?

You might be surprised to know that dental air abrasion is being hailed by dental professionals as the latest technique available for pain-free, effective decay removal. At Briglia Dental Group, we pride ourselves on embracing the latest, most effective and most comfortable dental procedures in order to better serve our clients’ needs. We are more than willing to use any technology that has been developed and tested to offer advantages in terms of speed, ease and successful treatment in the field of oral health. It’s an exciting time to be a dental professional.

Spray Away Decay

First, some definitions are in order. “Sandblasting” is a bit misleading, but air abrasion does, indeed, employ an extremely fine type of abrasive particle to “blast” decay from its site on a tooth. Rather than sand and water, the dental instrument propels tiny particles of silica, baking soda or aluminum oxide at the decay on a tooth’s surface. The particles are propelled with a precisely-directed air stream, and carried away by a suction tube. There is little sound, no vibration, no heat and no pressure.

There is also, in many cases, no need for numbing or anesthesia if the cavity is very shallow. The procedure is actually quite simple, and takes less time than traditional drilling for a comparably-sized filling. We have found that the technique is likely to preserve more of the existing healthy tooth tissue. There is little likelihood that surrounding teeth will be affected in any way. During an air abrasion procedure, we take appropriate precautions, including the use of eye and face shields. Abrasive particles are carried away along with the offending decay.

Changing the Future of Dentistry

Is air abrasion the face of the future for dental care? It certainly offers another promising option for dental professionals and patients alike, but it is not a panacea for all oral problems. Tooth decay removal must continue to be performed in traditional ways when the decay is located deep in the tooth’s structure, close to the underlying pulp, or between two teeth in a difficult to reach position.

Some other work that air abrasion cannot do:
Preparation for inlays, crowns or onlays is not possible with this technique.
Removal of old silver amalgam fillings must be done by another method, but air abrasion can sometimes remove older composites.

Why Should You Consider Air Abrasion?

The technique can be an ideal way to deal with minor surface decay in children’s teeth, and it can also be effective in helping adults take care of surface decay on back teeth without numbing. Our compassionate team has found the innovative procedure to be another tool, one that we are delighted to have available to us, in our kit of dental techniques. Even though it has some limitations, we believe that the benefits can be amply demonstrated. As always, if you come to us expecting state-of-the-art solutions for your oral health concerns, we will consider all the options so that we find the best possible treatment for your individual situation.

Air abrasion has been demonstrated to be an effective and viable method of dealing with specific instances of decay removal and restoration. We look forward as well to using air abrasion as a method of preparing teeth for applications of sealants and bonding. Anyone who is wary of anesthesia or dislikes normal dental numbing procedures should be pleasantly surprised by the benefits of air abrasion.

On the Cutting Edge

At Briglia Dental Group, we are pleased to be in the forefront of dental innovation. As always, we are dedicated to serving our patients of all ages in the best and most comprehensive manner. We realize that you have come to trust us because we offer a wide variety of options. We will continue to bring you the most advanced techniques available in an effort to prolong the life of your teeth, the health of your mouth and the beauty of your smile. No matter what the reason for your first visit to our dental practice, we want to welcome you back for routine care as well as for repairs and restorations that may be necessary.

Our team is dedicated to serving your entire family and to meeting your lifelong needs for oral health. Would you like to learn more about dental air abrasion? Do you have questions about possible insurance coverage? We’ll be happy to schedule a consultation to discuss your questions and your needs. Call us at (610) 692-4440 or feel free to schedule your appointment here!

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