At Briglia Dental Group, we recognize that quality care is presently beyond the reach of millions of people and families each year. To offset the costs of care, we have developed an Oral Health Savings Plan, so everyone can have state of the art dental care, at an affordable cost. Plan is designed for patients without insurance.

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Discount Dental Plans

The Plan at a Glance:

One-Year Membership $279.00

Children 15 and under yearly plan $229.00

One-year membership is one year from enrollment date.

Annual Membership Plan includes:

Two regular exams per year Value of $200.00

Two regular Cleanings per year Value of $200.00

All necessary X-rays, including:

Full Mouth Series (once per 3 years) Value of $140.00

Bite Wings (once per year) Value of $65.00


For ALL dental treatment that you complete during the 12-month enrollment period (not calendar year), you will receive a 10% courtesy, with no annual limits. This even applies to elective procedures.

Terms of the Plan:

In order to offer the substantial procedure fee courtesies available under the terms of this plan, we must adhere to the following payment policies.

  • The one year membership must be paid in full at the time of enrollment.
  • The membership will be valid for one year from the date the annual renewal is remitted.
  • All treatment fees are due and payable at the time service is rendered.
  • All fees for treatment, requiring multiple visits or lab fees are due upon the first visit.
  • Briglia Dental Group reserves the right to refuse treatment and/or terminate this membership without notice if the member´s account becomes delinquent at any time. All other Briglia Dental Group terms and conditions of service apply.

Value Comparison

Applicable Services Our Plan Traditional
Maximum Benefit none $1000-2000
No-Charge Preventive Care yes yes
Regular Cleanings
(for healthy teeth and gums)
yes yes
Necessary X-Rays yes no
Cosmetic Services yes no
No Pre-Approval yes no
No Deductibles yes no
No Waiting Period yes no
No Claim Forms yes no
Continuous Open Enrollment yes no

*Comparisons to other dental membership plans and traditional insurance plans are hypothetical and are based on typical coverage. They are not intended to be construed as comprehensively representative of all plans or dental policies.

**We also accept dental insurance. Please call our office for more details.