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Prosthodontics – Cosmetic and functional Dentures and Partials

Teeth that are missing can leave the surrounding teeth unstable and may cause them to shift to the newly opened space. Dentures offer an ideal solution to replace multiple missing teeth and restore bite function. Standard partials or dentures have the most function and value. There are many factors to consider when choosing a dental prosthesis.

Common Factors of Denture Cosmetics:Lower Hybrid Denture

  • Occupational Factors
  • Patient Age
  • Special Occlusal problems
  • Genetics
  • Social Factors
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Specific needs of each patient will determine the best treatment option for each individual. Dentures can improve the aesthetics and function in your mouth; allowing for a proper bite, normal chewing, and a dazzling smile. The look and feel of dentures usually outweighs the importance of value and function.

A reline may be required after some time due to the mouth changing constantly and the denture not fitting as well as it did before. Dentures need to be properly cleaned and cared for, just as you would with your permanent teeth.  As with any type of dentistry procedure; proper time, care, judgment, and skills are required to find the perfect fit for the dentures and partials.

For partial dentures, we provide an array of options such as clasps with traditional framework, metal frame without clasps, and flexible frameworks. Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth are still in place.

A full denture would encompass the entire top or entire bottom rows of teeth, sometimes referred to as complete or conventional dentures.These are made after your teeth are removed and the gum tissues have started to heal. A conventional denture is ready to be placed around 8-12 weeks after the removal of your teeth.

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Visit our Samples of Our Work page to view more cosmetic and functional dentures and partials procedures preformed at Briglia Dental Group! 


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