Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Jeff Pierce. I am from Marlton, New Jersey and I drive about an hour to see Dr. Briglia and his team here in their West Chester office for any kind of dental work that I need to have done, now and in the future. My background is that I had a pretty scary experience as a child with dentists and dentistry, which pretty much gave me a lot of apprehension, and so I sought out Dr. Briglia and his team based on his website and some other research that I did that told me that they pretty much catered to patients that might have a fear or apprehension. I particularly liked their IV sedation method where it brings you down to a level where you have no fear basically, obviously no pain, and you have a very pleasant experience with the whole procedure.
About a year ago, I had a major crown put in, and Dr. Briglia and his team recommended IV sedation based on some of that apprehension. I came in, was sedated quite quickly – don’t really remember much of it, but the sedation part of it brought me down to a level where I had no fear, no pain, and I emerged on the other side with brilliant dental work, and I left the office really tickled with the whole experience. So, if there is anyone out there that might have some apprehension, fear, general concerns about dentistry, I would highly recommend you see Dr. Briglia and his team here at the West Chester office.