Video Transcript

Hi, I am Carey Civitella, and I live here in the West Chester area. I had not been to the dentist in many years. I had a phobia when I was a child, I hated it, it was horrible for my parents, horrible for the dentist and when I became an adult, I just didn’t see the need to keep going through it.
I found Dr. Ron online, he had great reviews, and I started coming here, and it is a beautiful office. The staff is caring, they really get to know you, they call you by name. Dr. Ron is probably the best dentist I have gone to; he is gentle, you don’t even feel the numbing process. Before you know it, it is already done and he is working on, you know, your mouth. I had a lot of issues when I came here, we discovered that I had a lot of cracked filings and I had a lot of endo work that needed to be done and caps and the great thing was, Dr. Ron didn’t make me do it at all at once, you know. He gave me the plan of what had to be done and I did it step by step and we took it over two years, so wasn’t all at once. And they worked with me on a payment plan, and it just really made you feel good that somebody really cared about, you know, your finances and your oral health and I just – if anybody has a phobia or any kind of fear about dentistry, Dr. Ron is the doctor for you. You really should come and at least have a consultation and talk about, you know, the practice.