Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Kelly and I live in West Chester, Pennsylvania. I have always had a fear of the dentist ever since growing up, a huge, huge fear; I' have actually had open-heart surgery, which has been more pleasant than stepping into a dental office. I’ve tried sleep dentistry at other dentists, but it is not true sleep dentistry like Dr. Briglia does. His staff is wonderful, he is wonderful, he is a very calming person. From the moment I walk in his door to the time I leave, it actually is a pleasant experience. He does the IV like he is a pro at it – you go to sleep, you wake up, and five to six appointments are all done in a matter of a few hours and you walk out the door. It is a pleasant experience, I totally recommend it. If you have a fear like I do, then you will choose Dr. Briglia.