Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to our dental practice, my name is Dr. Ron Briglia. Our goal is to keep our patients, new patients, families, and our team safe during your visits. Things will look a little different on your next visit. Our infection control procedures exceed the CDC and OSHA guidelines, and we have updated our infection control protocols.
Here are some of the new protocols that we are doing to keep our patients safe. One thing that you will notice in the reception room and each treatment room is an air purifier system that is used during appointments. During dental and hygiene visits where moisture droplets may occur, we have a large aerosol suction. This suction has a fan and HEPA filters and an elephant-like trunk attachment with a round dome that is placed close to the mouth to suction off any moisture or droplets. When you arrive for your appointment, your temperature will be taken and we will have hand sanitizers for you to use for 20 seconds. Another thing you will see is that everyone in the office will be wearing masks. The clinical team including the doctor, assistants, and hygienists will be wearing the KN95 mask coupled with a regular surgical mask over top. When our patients come back to the room, they will first be rinsing with a pre-rinse that kills bacteria, viruses. We are implementing a hands-free payment system for co-payments and bills to be paid over the phone or email with safe and secure software.
And in closing, we understand the concern about coming into the dental office for appointments. We want to assure you we are doing everything we can to keep our patients safe, our new patients safe, their families and our team safe as well. See you soon.