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Are you avoiding the dentist because of a painful experience? Many people face dentistry with this common fear known as dental phobia. According to the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS Education) 30 percent of the population avoids visiting their dentist due to anxiety or apprehension. Sedation dentistry allows individuals that are too afraid to go to the dentist to receive the dental health care they need. If you have been avoiding the dentist for years for even the most basic dental care, we can provide you with a relaxing anxiety-free experience. Pain relief is an essential component of the modern dentistry, as well as achieving beautiful teeth and gums.

  • Oral and IV sedations are provided at Briglia Dental Group. Oral medication can be taken for shorter appointments. In complex cases, we use an IV drip so the medication can be administered more slowly, and for a longer period of time. Candidates for sedation include:
  • Those with a sensitive gag reflex
  • Patients with complex cases can be completed in fewer appointments
  • Anxiety just talking about the dentist as well as smells and sounds
  • Fear of needle or injection shots
  • Past traumatic dental experience
  • Self-conscious about your teeth

We will consult with your medical doctor or specialist to be sure you are a candidate for sedation. The team at Briglia Dental Group has been able to treat even the most fearful patients. We use a combination of sedation medications and proven techniques to keep you comfortable and relaxed. Many patients choose this method in order to quickly and painlessly complete complex dental procedures. These include cosmetic procedures (aesthetic), dental implants, laminate veneers, dentures, advanced prosthodontics, and even as simple as basic extractions and fillings. In certain cases, we may schedule a Saturday appointment to avoid delays in patients returning to work. Call us at (610) 692-4440 to request a sedation dentistry consultation and see what the team can do to give you back your winning smile.

Do you have questions about our sedation services? Read an interview with Dr. Briglia about our sedation practice here!

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