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The Role of Dental Exams in Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are an essential part of maintaining good oral health. However, the cleaning process isn’t just limited to removing plaque and tartar from your teeth. Physical dental examinations are also essential in identifying and treating dental problems early on and avoiding future complications from developing.

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What Is a Dental Exam?

A dental examination, or dental checkup, is a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health. It’s performed to help maintain good dental health, detect issues early, and prevent serious problems from occurring. During a dental checkup, our dentist or dental hygienists will check for any signs of decay, gum disease, cavities, and other dental issues. They’ll also examine your face, neck, and mouth for abnormalities, such as lumps or bumps. If they find anything concerning, they’ll recommend a course of treatment.

The Benefits of Dental Exams

There are numerous benefits of undergoing a dental checkup during your routine visits, including:

  • Early Detection of Dental Problems: A dental exam can help identify issues at an early stage. Early detection can help prevent serious problems from developing, save you money, and reduce the need for more complex and invasive treatments.
  • Prevention of Tooth Loss: Regular dental exams can help prevent tooth loss. Your dentist can detect and treat gum disease, which is a leading cause of tooth loss.
  • Oral Cancer Detection: A dental exam can help detect oral cancer in its early stages. Early detection can increase the chances of successful treatment.
  • Improve Overall Health: Good oral health is essential for overall health. Regular dental exams can help maintain good dental health, helping prevent other health issues.

The Dental Exam Process

During a regular dental checkup, patients should expect the following:

  • Examination: Your West Chester dentist will examine your mouth, teeth, gums, and other oral tissues for any signs of dental issues.
  • Teeth Cleaning: Your dentist or hygienist will clean your teeth, removing any plaque or tartar buildup.
  • Dental X-rays: If necessary, your dentist may take X-rays to check for any issues not visible during the examination. X-rays are typically taken once a year.
  • Treatment: If your dentist finds any issues, they’ll recommend the appropriate course of treatment.

How Often Do I Need Dental Exams?

The frequency of dental checkups depends on your individual needs. In general, it’s recommended that you visit your West Chester preventive dentist for a checkup every six months. People with a history of dental problems may need to visit Dr. Briglia more frequently. That way, with regular visits, he can monitor any ongoing conditions and treat problems before they cause further complications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skipping dental checkups and teeth cleanings can harm your oral health. During checkups, dentists can detect and prevent problems like tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. Regular appointments help you achieve good oral health. Skipping cleanings can cause plaque and tartar buildup, leading to more severe issues.
Children should attend dental checkups and cleanings every six months or by their dentist’s recommendation. Routine dental care is essential for children’s oral health, as it helps detect dental issues early and prevents more serious problems from developing.
Yes, dental checkups can detect issues with the jaw or temporomandibular joint (TMJ). During a dental exam, the dentist will check the alignment of your bite and may ask you about any symptoms such as pain or discomfort in the jaw area.


Protect Your Oral Health With Dental Exams at Briglia Dental Group!

Dental exams play a crucial role in maintaining good oral health. Make sure to visit your West Chester dentist regularly for a checkup and keep your teeth and gums healthy. If you’re wondering where to start to achieve pristine oral health, Dr. Briglia may be the best general dentist for you and your needs. For those in West Chester, PA schedule your dental exam at Briglia Dental Group by dialing (610) 615 0160 if you’re new or by dialing (610) 692 4440 if you’re already part of the family. Briglia Dental Group serves patients from West Chester and surrounding areas such as Chester Springs, Exton, Broomall, and Chadds Ford, PA. Take a proactive step towards a healthy and beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime.

Dr. Ron Briglia at Briglia Dental Group

Dr. Ron Briglia has been practicing dentistry since 1984. With decades of experience and extensive continuing education, Dr. Briglia provides the most comprehensive dental services.

He earned his Bachelor of Science from Gannon University and his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Temple University Dental School. He has received advanced training at prestigious organizations like Pankey and Las Vegas Institutes. He is IV and oral sedation-certified too.

Most of Dr. Briglia’s patients have continued with him in his family of patients for over 30 – 35 years, and the restorations he has provided them have lasted for 25-35 years – clear evidence of his skills and expertise.

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