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Reliable Sedation Dentistry That Is Pain-Free

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Providing Sedation Dentistry For Over 17 Years In Chester County

Are you avoiding the dentist because of a painful experience? Many people face dentistry with this common fear known as dental phobia. According to the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation (DOCS Education) 30 percent of the population avoids visiting their dentist due to anxiety or apprehension. Sedation dentistry allows individuals that are too afraid to go to the dentist to receive the dental health care they need.

If you have been avoiding the dentist for years for even the most basic dental care, we can provide you with a relaxing anxiety-free sedation dental care experience. With over 17 years of experience, Briglia Dental has provided hundreds of patients with oral and IV sedation in Chester county. Pain relief is an essential component of the modern dentistry, as well as achieving beautiful teeth and gums.

Best Candidates for Sedation Dental Care:

  • Those with a sensitive gag reflex
  • Patients with complex cases can be completed in fewer appointments
  • Anxiety just talking about the dentist as well as smells and sounds
  • Fear of needle or injection shots
  • Past traumatic dental experience
  • Self-conscious about your teeth

Primary Care Physician Consulting Prior to Sedation Dental Appointment

We will consult with your medical doctor or specialist to be sure you are a candidate for sedation dental treatment. The team at Briglia Dental Group has been able to treat even the most fearful patients. We use a combination of sedation medications and proven techniques to keep you comfortable and relaxed during the entire dental procedure. Many patients choose the sedation dentistry method in order to quickly and painlessly complete complex dental procedures. These include cosmetic procedures (aesthetic), dental implants, laminate veneers, dentures, advanced prosthodontics, and even as simple as basic extractions and fillings. In certain cases, we may schedule a Saturday appointment to avoid delays in patients returning to work.

Call us at (610) 615 0160 to request a sedation dentistry consultation and see what the team can do to give you back your winning smile.

Do you have questions about our sedation services? Read an interview with Dr. Briglia about our sedation practice here!

Frequently Asked Questions

So, you’re one of the 10% of people suffering from dental phobia. Well, let us help put your mind at ease. Sedating a patient during a dental procedure is a very safe and effective way to reduce your stress levels while taking care of a variety of dental problems. Briglia Dental Group has extensive experience in dental sedation practices and will review your medical history before any treatment as well as monitor you very closely during sedation. Feel free to give us a call to discuss the process with you step-by-step before any procedure.

Conscious sedation is a great option for those patients who need to recover quickly. By combining the proper sedatives with anesthetics, it allows for you to be awake, while relaxed and totally free of pain. When your procedure is complete, you should be able to return to your everyday schedule with little wait time!

No. Most patients feel zero discomfort during their treatment and very minimal pain afterwards. When you come in for an appointment involving sedation, you can expect everything to follow the plan discussed before your appointment. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable, administer the proper sedation, and begin our procedure as you sit stress-free in our chair! Some patients very relaxed while other fall asleep altogether. You may have a limited memory, but more often you won’t remember much of anything.

Simple answer: yes! We guarantee a stress-free, pain-free, relaxing experience during our sedation dentistry procedures.

You will feel slightly groggy immediately after treatment, but generally many patients feel just fine after a dental procedure involving sedation. However, we may advise that you have another adult drive you home, so please be sure to have that person ready and waiting at our office.

The type of anesthesia you receive will be determined after a discussion with your dentist about your anxiety level and the complexity of the procedure. Generally, a local anesthetic is administered for wisdom tooth removal, but nitrous oxide, or IV anesthesia can be used if approved by your doctor.

Briglia Dental Group strongly encourages our sedation dentistry patients to have a family member or trusted friend drive you home after a procedure. Sedation can affect your motor and cognitive functions. We’ll let you know beforehand if you’ll need someone to drive you home.

If you’re concerned about having a filling or deep cleaning completed, please give our office a call to discuss the options when it comes to sedation.

For some patients, sedation wears off as soon as we stop administering the medication. For others, the effects may be felt for a few hours after the appointment is over. It varies from patient to patient, but you can be sure that we’ll keep you properly sedated during your appointment.

There are two very minor side effects involved in dental sedation: hiccups and dry mouth.

If you gag easily during normal procedures, then sedation dentistry will resolve this problem! Most patients don’t have any problems gagging or gag significantly less while sedated.

Dr. Ron Briglia at Briglia Dental Group

Dr. Ron Briglia has been practicing dentistry since 1984. With decades of experience and extensive continuing education, Dr. Briglia provides the most comprehensive dental services.

He earned his Bachelor of Science from Gannon University and his Doctor of Dental Medicine from Temple University Dental School. He has received advanced training at prestigious organizations like Pankey and Las Vegas Institutes. He is IV and oral sedation-certified too.

Some of his patients have continued with him for over 30 – 35 years and the restorations he has provided them have lasted for 25-35 years, evidence of his skills and expertise

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